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  • Walkin Chambers

    Walkin Chambers
    The Walk-In has been designed by Weiber for various research applications such as lighting for vascular plants to facilitate standard plant production, plant pathology research and seed germination and development.
  • Stability Test Chamber

    Stability Test Chamber
    Weiber stability test chambers are specially designed to conduct stability and shelf life studies on drug and drugs substances. Our high-tech units equipped with programmable microprocessor controls and an LCD control panel and message center. All critical functions of the units are monitored and alarmed if out-of-spec conditions occur, for doors left ajar, power failures and similar operating anomalies.
  • Growth Chamber

    Growth Chambers
    Plant Growth temperature is efficiently controlled by PLC based HMI interactive control panel with Ambient 5 °C to 60 °C. We Use Fitted with Microprocessor based temperature-humidity controller cum data logger with 9 segments to enable users to control nine different variation and repetition of temperature, illumination and humidity according to its conditions.
  • Egg Incubator

    Egg Incubato
    Weiber Egg incubators results in higher hatch rates due to the ability to control both humidity and temperature efficiently. Incubator will hold 50 duck/chicken eggs or 120 quail eggs. Weiber computer modeled temperature mapping technology maintains even temperature inside the incubator to maximize hatch rates.
  • Automotive Test Chamber

    Automotive Test Chamber
    Sintering furnaces provide unprecedented value to applications that require sintering furnace technology for powdered metal. The primary component of this Power Supply is a three-Phase SCR Controlled Step down Transformer. Apart from the PC interface, the furnace is equipped with a set of Amp & Volt Meters and status indicator lights to permit visual monitoring of the furnace cycle progress and Current and Amperage to the heating elements.
  • Incubator

    Weiber Incubator is designed to perform lot of experimental works in cell biology, microbiology and molecular biology and is used to culture both bacterial as well as eukaryotic cells. Modern incubators are not merely temperature-controlled ovens--the majorities are also carbon dioxide and humidity chambers.
  • Seed Germination Chamber

    Seed Germination Chamber
    Weiber seed germination chamber has been designed exclusively for seed germination and development. The “user-friendly” controls in our seed germinator are easy to use and allow the control of almost any combination of temperature, light intensity, humidity parameters, water insertion and time options, with greater accuracy.
  • Green House

    Green House
    Green houses are climate controlled Green Houses have a variety of applications, the majority being, off-season growing of vegetables, floriculture, planting material acclimatization, fruit crop growing for export market and plant breeding and varietals improvement. It increase the use of renewable energy; reduce greenhouse gas emissions;; reduce the use of toxic materials.
  • Environmental Test Chamber

    Environmental Test Chamber
    The Environment Control Chamber is designed to provide inert and dry measurement environment at ambient pressure and controlled environment. Weiber is dedicated to providing reliable, cost effective Environmental Control Chamber. Temperature, Humidity, Lighting, and many other functions can be controlled from one device, with all of the latest technologies employed.
  • Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber

    Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber
    Acmas Technologies constant temperature humidity test creates physiologically ideal surroundings for the perfect environment stimulation in building physics and has wide range of applications in material research, electronics, physics, zoology and botany.